Sunday, 19 August 2007

. . .get AROUND to it!

This is one of my favourite cards that I cased from Kiwi Ipressionz. Images were randomly stamped on glossy card, cut out with a round punch, roughly sewn on to a contrasting card and finished off with fiber, brads and sentiment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lissa! Long time no post! Just wating in anticipation...can't wait to see then next one, no pressure haha, I know you've been busy at school. good onya :)
(I'm so glad the comment box worked!)

Lissa Huysmans said...

Ha! that's really funny that you got the joke of 'get around to it'. . . it didn't help with Stef breaking the screen. 9 days and then over 2 weeks before the next posting was extreme. I was actually waiting and hoping that Ren will see the need and surprise me with a new one when he gets back from Assie. Cross fingers!:)