Sunday, 14 February 2010

Smile, YOU!

Okay - so this is the first post since over a year. I had a look through the blog and  was amazed that I had done so much. So, I sent it along to Dan, Ric and Laura via Facebook (as u do:) just for a laugh and Ric suggested I should keep it going . . . . so in order to get out of doing my next weeks planning for school lol, I have spent the last 4hrs trying to figure out what my password is to get in here, done a bit of tweaking to the Title and added a slide and video bar. Both of which I could never figure out how to do before. (My friend Joelene who is residing reluctantly in Tonga also thinks I should carry on . . . .) *I feel like breaking into song here* Let's see how long I last:)

I have decided to change the focus of this blog (coz, I could never keep more than one blog going unlike some other people) and so it will be more of a "whatz up" with the Huysmans . . . oooo that's a fun title - might make a change from 'Inked and Ready'. . . . . maybe? . . . especially as my stamping mojo has faded into . . . 'only for special occassions.' hahaha:).

Which reminds me of Dan's graduation (Dec 2008). Below is the original that I was half way making, about 25, for her when I started to play with the burgundy coloured card and it just popped and looked so awesome that I just changed the whole thing there and then.Below is the final product. I bought pre-made tassels from Ikes Emporium and used the Tassel Time SU set. I also used 'shrinky dink' to incorperate the line: 'The tassel was worth the hassel' which I thought was way cute.
I made Lillian (Dan's roomie and best friend) a batch as my gift to her. Ren went over to the ceremony for us and stayed with Timo. Apparently the recipients loved the cards so much they asked if the designer does wedding invites. . . but that's a whole 'nother story lol.

PS: Smile, You - is the title of the current kdrama that I am watching lol. It just seemed an approprite title for this comeback. hahahahahaha!

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