Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Take Ten 1

Joeleen and I decided to send in our efforts from the Spring 2007 Take Ten challenge and they published them in the latest Autumn Sampler. Here is the first one. The stamps were French Flare from SU and Pacific Koru from Kiwi Impressionz. The specialty paper has a paua influence which dictated the main image for me. Fun huh! Below is pic of page - have to do it this way as my scanner is not hooked up yet.


Maria said...

Ooh wow! How fun to be published. I never submitted my work to be published. Do they give back your card? Anyhow, your cards look great! Love all different colors and beautiful patterns!


Lissa Huysmans said...

Thanx Maria. You so should send your stuff to be published and sadly, no they don't send your card back. I know what you mean - I get emotionally attached to my creations too. The other day my daughter asked for a birthday card to give away and after telling her which ones to pick - I then said no to each one she chose until it was one that wasn't mine. lol.

Laughlincqpp said...

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