Monday, 3 September 2007

Tiki Tiki Tiki

Another tiki card from Joeleen's collection. Fell in love with this one when she first showed it to us. The So Saffron used for the main image and sentiment makes a great contrast against the darker colours and lightens the whole design. Love the restrained use of the polka dot ribbon - something fun, unexpected. A blending of two cultures perhaps? (Or the pakeha in you? lol)Brings a smile to my face. Love this colour combo too :)


Anonymous said...

Your right! That's what I was totally had just given me that ribbon and I wanted to do a tiki I tried to incorporate both looks!! I don't know if it goes, but oh well, got to embrace both cultures aye! The colours are actually Artichoke, Burgundy and Apricot. Interesting colour scheme, so saffron would work just as well too.


Maria said...

Oh what an interesting image. What does it symbolize? Or more like, what is it? It looks cool though! I love the different vertical patterns! Great card!


Lissa Huysmans said...

Hi Maria

The tiki is a Maori figurine representing an ancestor, often intricately carved from greenstone and worn about the neck as a talisman.

Nice to have you pop in and take interest. :)

Lissa Huysmans said...


It could also be described as a male figure in Polynesian myth, sometimes identified as the first man or another definition is a wooden or stone image of a Polynesian god.