Thursday, 14 June 2007

Family Nite Activity

It was my turn to come up with a lesson for family night a few weeks back so I decided to teach everyone how to embellish a spaghetti tin. I used a special can opener that just breaks the manufacturing seal therefore no sharp edges. Here is everyone's effort. Stef's on the left, Pup's is on the right, LA's on the top and mine in the middle.
This idea was inspired from a Tupperware party I attended where I first saw the can opener but the idea didn't hit me until the next morning after I dreamt about it (I, know!! What is the world coming to if you are dreaming about tin cans and openers :) . . . so I just had to have one. I needed an idea for an art lesson at school but something unusual and fun for kids to do. I got them to bring in unopened cans of baked beans, spaghetti or fruit which they had straight from the can for lunch. It was novel for the first five minutes until they realized they had to throw most of it out. But they loved it, especially the girls. Most of them used the cans as desk top pencil holders. Unfortunately I didn't think of taking pictures at the time.
This is the inside. A hole was punched on the side to hold the lid in place. I used Elegant Egglplant, Old Olive, Pretty in Pink on creamy yellow card stock.

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LA said...

bwahahaha i made the purple 1~! ^o^ ...yeh im kool XP