Sunday, 17 June 2007

Can't Live Without

These are retiring sets from the US catalogue that I ordered and arrived last week. Kewl!! I had been meaning to get them before SU launched here but now that they will not be in the next catalogue I just had to have them. Well I wanted at least nine other sets but I had to be sensible and just get the ones I really, really couldn't live without. I love that Lion and the Lamb stamp and can't wait for an excuse to use it. Tassel Time will always be useful - there is always someone getting their degree and Petite Patterns is the last of of those little background stamp sets that I've been collecting on page 166-167. I was so excited that I just had to mount the leaf pattern stamp to try out straight away. That is why it is on top of the box. Ha! I then went back to the catalogue and made a new list of 'must haves,' closed my eyes and sent it to Jacque who has the contacts. Cross my fingers, eyes and legs that it is not too late. Hope!

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