Saturday, 5 May 2007

. . . Ready, Steady, GO . . .

The perfect quote to start my blog off and it is a pity I can't remember who said it. I am a mum with 4 great children aged 14-20, who are happiest when I don't have to micro manage them. We live in Auckland NZ and are true blue kiwis. "Kia Ora!"I fell in love with card making last year and when I was introduced to Stampin'Up and all their lovely products by my new friend Jacqui. I love to browse the creativity of other bloggers who are stampers and wanted to come out to play too. Here are some of the things I have been up to . . . .
This card is really popular with most people, especially teenagers who just 'ooohh' over it. I gave one to Britney, my student, yesterday who just turned 13 and she and the rest of the girls in the class just loved it. I'm glad! All stamps are from the SU. I used the 'Do the Hula' and standard roller 'Whirly Twirly.' Both soon to be retired in June. The dress pattern is from Sheryl Graves of Ink Stains. The colours used are green galore and pink passion sprinkled with glitter for a little bit of bling. The frangipani image on the letterhead above is a potted plant that we bought from the Pasifika festival February last year for $20.00 and we can't believe it is still flowering since January. Hubbie, Rene has been nursing it through the year and his diligence has paid off tenfold. When he went to Australia last year in May and this year in March he made sure to give detailed instructions to the kids on how to look after it. He knew it would have died if he had asked me. Hey, I'm too busy stamping!!:)

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