Sunday, 20 May 2007

My little friend Eli

My little friend Eli has a special 8th birthday today. I got up early (0500hrs) to make a card for him but I wasn't happy with anything until I looked at my monograms and thought 'duhh!' This small shadow box frame is one that I've had for about 5 years and so finally I get to do something with it. I used the SU Reflection series of scrapbooking paper again and went for simple using the same method as I used for Sofie's frame. I wanted to feature three things. First it had to have his whole name and I tried to patiently wait until 0700hrs to ring Eli's house for information but by 0640hrs I couldn't wait and just had to ring. Luckily his dad was up and who surprise, surprise was able to answer all questions correctly. (Well, it had better be because I am going to look silly when I arrive this afternoon.) It also had to have his date of birth and his current age. The rectangle tag is from the SU hodgepodge embellishment kit and just adds strength to the layout. The number 8 is embedded on the 'e' . It is in that particular placing because it fell out of my hand as I was carefully trying to center it on. Oh well! The word 'blessed' I couldn't help including because Eli has wonderful parents and he is a truly blessed little boy. I have since added a maori motive element to the letter 'l' as I felt his cool middle name (Tamauia) needed to be recognised. Eli's birthday date is on an actual shop tag that resides to the right hand side. I love those tags and they come in different sizes at most stationary shops. Happy Birthday Eli!

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Anonymous said...

This is so cool - so simple but so effective.