Friday, 25 May 2007


SENZ has been an exciting opportunity to introduce Stampin' Up onto the NZ crafting scene. The lead up and organising has been exhausting for Rachael, Tracy and I as we all have full time jobs. Today first looked daunting because the retailers just had massive amounts of amazing products on show but with our door prize as the draw card we were kept very busy. Of course we had to have Stamp Zone across from us. We in our 3x3 meter booth and them stretched out for at least 12 meters. There were many that had not heard of SU but I was also quite amazed at those who knew about the company already. The prize winner for today goes to Robin Flemming of Onehunga. Congrats to you Robin with your basket of goodies and a free catalogue. I have met so many lovely people. One in particular is a sweet little lady from Ashurst called Nell who came up to SENZ with seven friends. They sound like they are having a blast and I look forward to knowing them a little better in the future. I tried to resist buying anything but was very hard so of course I had to let myself go. ha. Found some frangipani primas at Hastings Rubber Stamping, was late twice for the 'Cricut' demonstration and made it the secound time. Sorry Nell - I was in the middle of talking to her and her friend when I left abruptly at a run. Might not have been a good thing that I made it to the demo though, as I had a dream last night with a subliminal voice over whispering " . . . gotta have one, gotta have one . . . " :)


Anonymous said...

SENZ was just awesome. I loved everything. You guys had a very eye catching booth. I loved the little Sofie frame that was there. How was that done? Loved the colour wheel and the catalogue is just great. Love your blog.


Heather Summers said...

What a beautiful set up! I love all the wheel and paper samples! Nice work!