Monday, 14 May 2007

Trying new things . . . .

My little friend Sofie turned five last month and I wanted to make her a special card to try out my new chipboard monograms and designer papers from SU. This one is from the 'Recollection' series and just gorgeous. The frame was about $6.00 from Warehouse and a nice length to fit at least 5-7 letters depending on the size. I was happily thinking I had a supply of oblong frames until I actually started putting the project together and realized that there wasn't enough depth to fit the backing on and had to opt for taping it down with tape and placing the frame on an easel. I originally painted this one off white (it was an ugly orange colour) but decided it still didn't go with the whole look. I eventually hunted out the last of my little stand that I had bought years ago that went perfect with the wood finish of this frame. Now, just to let you know I do dust now and again ;) but I was in a hurry to get this photoed, packaged and delivered and hadn't noticed the state of my shelf (haha I think it still looks like that). I found a recently used box, just the right size and stuck a post office sticker on it which made it look like it came through the mail and placed it on Sofie's doorstep. I think she liked it. My kids did. In fact my 18 year old, Ericca said she didn't mind having her name done on a sample if I wanted to. Must get around to taking a photo of the first one I did for my little friend Nova who was born last year on the 3 of November. Everyone in the family related to that date because it is my oldest girl Danielle's birthday as well and she is 21 this year. Fun!!!! Happy Mothers Day!

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Anonymous said...

oooooh this is so cool!!! How did you get the ep to look so smooth?