Monday, 7 May 2007

My First Blog Candy - Yipee!!

Who would have thought. I'm still BuZZing!!! Check it out on Jody Morrow's blog: -can't wait. I have rolled up one lot on a piece of card but not quite happy with it, so may roll them up individually. . . and you guessed it - I haven't used them yet. Still enjoying the fact that I've got some. I just went up to Ike's Saturday and bought $30.00 worth of more ribbon. A lovely roll of olive green, 10mm with white dots and trim put out by Vandoros. Yumm! There is still no polka dotted organdy tho. I only went up to look but you know how it is (:

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Anonymous said...

I love ribbon too - the olive green looks great. Hope you show some cards when you have used them.