Sunday, 29 July 2007

1st Tutorial

My first tutorial! This is for Sibylle who I met Wednesday night at her friend Rachelle's workshop. She absolutely loved this purse card just like I did when I first saw it. This is also for Julanne Rostran from Glitter Freak who inspired me to not put off a tutorial as too hard. Check her out at - Thanx! The first template I got was off Linda (Annabelle's friend) which was a photocopy on an A4 sheet of paper. Too big as I needed to make 50 cards and too fiddly so I had to find another solution. So here is what I did. 1.Cut A4 sheet into two and place one in portrait position to you. 2.Fold down flap of about 3-4cm (an inch). 3. Take bottom and bring it up just below that fold line. Crease. This is the body. 4.Open flap. Measure 2cm (3 quarter inch) from sides and mark. 5.Line up the mark and corner of bottom folded edge of body and cut both sides. This way all sides are perfectly aligned. (The rest is per instructions). 6.Measure 2cm in from sides of flap fold on both sides and cut slits of about 1cm (half inch). These are for the handles. 7.Stamp other side of card to your design. 8.Thread fiber/ribbon through the 2 cut cut slits so the ends are on the inside and tape about 2cm down and towards the middle so it would be hidden. 9.Inside part: Square off piece of A4 (normal copy paper) fold diagonally twice so you get an x. 10.Turn it so that the folds are on top and creases at the bottom. Bring the bottom edge up to meet the top making a rectangle. 11. Bring the two newly creased lines together and everything should fold neatly in together to make a triangle. 12.Fold sides into middle. Crease well. 13.Center and align folded paper to the inside of card making sure that bottom point does not go over the middle fold. Mark paper just underneath flap fold where the pencil is. This is where you need to cut so that the paper can sit nicely inside. 14.Open paper to cut as it may be too thick for the bladed to go through. Refold and push the sides inward and crease well. 15.Place sentiment inside. Note that folded rectangle line are the side parts. 16. Center velcro at top flap - this is the fastner. Tape one side of paper, center and place just underneath fold line, making sure handles are not seen underneath. 17.Tape top, bring bottom of card up, press into place. Take backing off velcro, close and we're finished. Hope I made sense. ROCKIN GIRL BLOGGER - My first nomination for this tag is: Julanne Rostran. Congratulations girl!


Wife2TJ said...

This is Wonderful!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!

Nancy Grant said...

What a fun tutorial. I always need lots of pictures.

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

haha wow all of these are reallllly meannnn!! I still got the card you gave me for christmas cause It's like the coolest handmade card Ive ever got lol. But yeah just commenting on this pic cuz of the folding involved reminded me of all the origami i used to do when I was homeschooled.. haha yeah I got so bored I used to do origami.. I was actually gon do some and stick these heart thingeys to my pages in rics book but then that prolly would've killed the thing. So yeah I'll see if I can't keep checking up on yo blog. :D