Monday, 2 July 2007

Tins & Things

Our swap group met this morning and Joeleen (first photo) took us through embellishing these small band aid tins and making matching cards to go with them. This was a class that she had taken with Jacque awhile back. I have been slow to warm to these tins but I'm coming round. It was a miserable cold morning so I had egg and corn soup ready for everyone. Kirsten is middle in the 2nd photo and Makare on the right working the sizzix machine. Third photo is Joeleen and Kirsten's trifold cards. This picture doesn't do them justice - the colours are much more vibrant. The fourth photo are Joeleen's tins. Love the one on the left that she did today. We used the cuttlebug 2 step scribble die for embellishment and they look so awesome. We were baffled that sometimes the die would cut through and other times it wouldn't until we figured out a couple of hours later that if we did not center the die in the middle of the converter then it would not fully cut. My effort is the fifth photo and Makare's is the last. She has a son in Japan so she used the Kanji stamp set for her sentiments and I used Warm Words. It has ben a great day.

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Kristina said...

Those are cute, i like the Japanese touch