Monday, 9 July 2007

Birthday in Hawaii

This is my oldest girl, Dani, working her way through school at the Polynesian Cultural Center at BYU Hawaii. Last year she turned 20 and was her first birthday away from home so I made her a special birthday card below.
It was one of those concertina cards in a box and I made an extra long box on the side to house the silver bracelet that I got her.
This is one of the segments. I think I got carried away and tried to put everything in it that I thought she would love and laugh over. That's a shaker box on the right. She loved it! Most of the stamps I used were from SU. This post is in celebration of Maria Bell over at who has a really fun weekly challenge called (TIC) the 'Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge.' I submitted my '$2.00 Orchid' cards last night:). Fun! She is also from Hawaii but has moved to California (I think). So go on over and check my cards out . . . Aloha Maria!!


Maria said...

Wow Lissa . . .your daughter is in Hawaii! That's great. I hope she likes it there! Is Hawaii like New Zealand? I wonder if your daughter experienced a bit of culture shock. . .Hawaii is very tropical but still very American in many ways.

Your card for your daughter is very inspiring. I've recently gotten into scrapbooking and I've been integrating stamping with scrapbooking. Your card is a great example. It's beautiful!

Thank you for highlighting my TIC. I really appreciate it!


Lissa Huysmans said...

No NZ is freezing in winter like right now it has been raining and dreary for the last 2 weeks. But the summers are really hot. A friend is leaving for Hawaii at the end of the week and is taking over 'Toffee Pops and Tim Tam' biscuits for Dan. She loves Hawaii and loves that she has learned how to Hula properly and knows all the names to the different movements. In fact she is in the Hawaiian Village.

Laura said...

Love the colours! it looks like you've really worked hard in this and have put alot of thought it. Good Job~! XD