Thursday, 5 July 2007


Talking about Primas - here's my stash so far. Love those frangipanis and of course you would think that I would do something about them and not go off on an orchid tangent found at a $2.00 shop.

Well, actually I have. The pin above left is what I made myself after a lovely lady called Carole Gotz from Porirua gave me the one on the right on the Friday afternoon of SENZ. I was rapt as I had seen other people at the show laden with pins but didn't know what they were, especially the security guard at the door. She had some awesome ones and I just had to go over and chat her up so I could examine them closely. I tried to put everything significant to the event on mine, especially the frangipani flower that I picked up from there. I also made Rachel and Tracy one each with a G but I can't remember why now? (How sad is that?) Must organize with them for a picture. Guess what SU stands for tho? Ha!


Jennifer said...

Cool! Love those Primas!

Sam said...

Cool! Love those Primas!