Friday, 6 July 2007

High School Graduation

Just looking through some photos on my computer and came across my 2nd daughter, Ricci's High school graduation photos from last year. She boarded at CCNZ in Hamilton. Her school had some fun traditions like, red sash for honour students, and lollie leis for graduates from everybody and anybody. The more the better.
These are candles I made for her to give to her teachers as 'Thank Yous' and she had fun giving them out because people were both surprised and thrilled to get one and immediately asked how her mother made them. I tried to incorporate their school colours in the packaging. At the back of the candle I had printed (from the computer) their school song. The first few lines which goes something like: It is better to light just one little candle, Than to stumble in the dark. Better far just to light, just one little candle, All you need's a tiny spark. I thought it was appropriate as she steps out into the world, besides if for nothing else she will be remembered as 'that girl with the candle.' Go Ric!:)


Jennifer said...

Your daughter is very pretty! did she keep one for herself?

Anonymous said...

I think your candles are great I have been singing the CCNZ song since being taught it on my mission in the 80's. I am looking for the written music for the song. Can you contact me and let me know if this is possible? Thank you
S. Hood

William said...

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